Photo-News 138

For you living in UK and Sweden, Adobe will change the pricing from March 6, 2017

If you like leather accessories for your camera, check out COOPH

Check out the ORLIT RoveLight RT 610 HSS TTL Monolight (Bowens Mount) with both Nikon and Canon hot shoe transmitter

Good new for you Canon EOS-1DX Mark II shooters – the AF setting guidebook

From PetaPixel: “Shot on iPhone” ads with the iPhone 7

If you are into timelaps and Norway, check out the homepage of Morten Rustad

Photo-News 137

The VIEW Intervalometer from Timelapse+ is now available for preorder

If you love to be creative on your iPad Pro, Astropad Studio might be something for you

Really? From the Adobe YouTube channel: What If You Had An Intelligent Assistant for Photo Editing?

If you are a Nikon guy, you have to check out their 100’th anniversary page

From “PetaPixel”: Kodak ‘Investigating What it Would Take’ to Bring Back Kodachrome

Hawk Factory has released details of their new Tsubasa Swallow 35 mm F 2 lens for Leica M-mount

Photo-News 118

GoPro will ship its drone in 2016 – watch the video and get a chance to win one GoPro KARMA

Winter is here and you still want to shoot without freezing your fingers to death – check out the glove collection from VALLERRET

From the “Adobe Blog”: Lightroom Mobile for Android 1.4 now available and free!

LUNA is the name of the world’s smallest 360° camera

Manfrotto now has a good amount of LED Lights and accessories

Finally you can transfer images to an iPhone with the OS 9.2 update and the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

Photo-News 117

From the “Lytro blog”: New Image Editing Capabilities Like Never Before with Depth Effects

Alienskin is coming with new stuff – Exposure X

Always goog to go back to – the videos from pix2015

You have a DJI Phantom and want to take it easily with you – check out the Manfrotto D1 Backpack

From “PetaPixel”: Reuters Issues a Worldwide Ban on RAW Photos

Metz is out with their new mecablitz 44 AF-2 with LED video light

Photo-News 116

Only 4 days left for the launch of Aurora HDR (Mac only) (TRY Free)

From “pix2015”: Joe McNally – Chasing Light

Learn how “InVisage” can make your small camera better

From “kickstarter”: X3 Circular Plolarizer

If you like b&w images – check out Laurent Baheux homepage

Manfrotto is out with a new travel tripod – the Befree series