Photoshop CC – Spot Removal-Visualize Spot

In this video tutorial I show you one of my favorite functions of the new Photoshop CC.

Now you can use Camera-RAW as a filter / Smart-Filter.
This is very helpfull if you forgot something in RAW or Lightroom, or if you get an image from a friend that you want to work on and you want to use some of the RAW functions. Continue reading


Photoshop CC – Shake Reduction

In this video tutorial I show you the new filter “Shake Reduction” in the Photoshop CC and what you can do with it / what I like it for. Continue reading

Black and White Part 5

This video-tutorial has the topic “Black and White” and is split in some more parts.

Through the series I give you some tips, which -as I think- are important, as well as tips how I use black and white. I show you some good old standard stuff that you can do in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, as well as Lightroom or with plug-ins. Even a combination of all of it you will find in this series.

Here I show you a method with 3 Channel-Mixer layers.

Continue reading

Lightroom 5 BETA – Upright

Here I have a tip for you for the new Lens-Correction function UPRIGHT inside of Lightroom 5 beta.
If you are following that tip, on most of your images it will do a good job. It’s not going perfect but it’s faster than the manual way and it’s a good starting point for images where that function is not giving you the best result. Continue reading