FPS_0607                      Hi, (hej på dig) my name is Martin

I was born in a small village close to Hamburg which is in the northern parts of Germany. In May 2006 I came over to Sweden/Stockholm to work and live here for ever.
Photography has always been part of my life and myself. It is a special and fascinating art to present impressions, feelings, reality and much more. I work on photos for myself as well as for friends or clients.
There has been much development in photography. Therefore I don’t only take photos nowadays but also use the technical progresses. I’m trained in Adobe Photoshop which I use to give my photos the last personal touch and a specific style.
Whatever you like to have or however you like to have your photo – no problem. You can get a photo from me as you want it. Any photo you like – beauty, fashion, portrait, memory or whatever. A retouch, a composing, a special personal style you like….just tell me.
Indoor, outdoor – wherever ….. my equipment/my gear is prepared for any location – as well as myself.