Photo-News 139

You are always looking for a little different backpack – check out UNO II on kickstarter

You like astronomy photography – check out the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017

The german company LUUV is fancy out with its video camera stabilization devices

From”Insta360″: Insta360 Partners with Huawei on Co-branded 360 Camera

You like to have a quick release system for you filters – check out Xume Filter Adapters

Looking for a fast USB 3.0 card reader – check out Delkin Devices

Photo-News 138

For you living in UK and Sweden, Adobe will change the pricing from March 6, 2017

If you like leather accessories for your camera, check out COOPH

Check out the ORLIT RoveLight RT 610 HSS TTL Monolight (Bowens Mount) with both Nikon and Canon hot shoe transmitter

Good new for you Canon EOS-1DX Mark II shooters – the AF setting guidebook

From PetaPixel: “Shot on iPhone” ads with the iPhone 7

If you are into timelaps and Norway, check out the homepage of Morten Rustad