Photo-News 110

As from the “Nikon Rumors” page, the upcoming Nikkor 24-70/2.8 ED VR is delayed till October

Read more about “Unbounded High Dynamic Range (UHDR)” photography on the MIT website (PDF)

From “kickstarter”: LOKI a ultra-portable camera kit from Scratch Ideas

Firmware Update Ver.1.01 for the Fujifilm X-T10

You’re looking for a Octabox – check out the Multiblitz GLAMBOX (Studio Lighting MADE IN GERMANY)

From “”: Samsung zeigt weltweit größte SSD

Photo-News 109

Don’t forget pix2015 (Photo Interactive Experience) in Seattle (06.-07.10.)

PIXBUF “The best social media tool for photographers. Upload. Share. Analyze.”

GIZO has some new ceter ball heads – GH1382QD and GH1382TQD


If you like b&w like me, check out Greg Krycinski at “fine art america”

COREL has released a brush plug-in for Photoshop – the ParticleShop

Photo-News 108

Shoot first, edit never” is the idea of GRAAVA, an interesting action-com

Tamron has put some new technique into their 18-200 mm zoom (Model B018)

ROLLEI has a cool multifunctional helper for you – the Clampod

If you want to put adventure and photograph togeth in one backpack, check out the LOWEPRO Photo Sport AW II

From “Egami Blog”: Olympus patent of two-layer sensor to obtain the polarization information

MIT and Google are working on an algorithm to remove a reflection from a photograph – read the Research-PDF

Photo-News 107

You are still looking for a good place for your photos – check out “PhotoKeeper“, a cloud solution for photographers

From the ZEISS-Blog: Sony and ZEISS: What photographers should know about the partnership

LumoPro has a cool flash case which is also a modifier – the LP742

If you like architecture photography, check out Luís dos Santos

From the “LENSBABY” homepage: Make Mobile Magic: Creative Mobile Kit

You are still looking for a camera backpack, check out the “Kontrast PRO DSLR Backpack” from CaseLogic