Photo-News 105

“Think Tank” has two new backpacks for your mirrorless system – the Trifecta series backpacks

The new Adobe CC 2015 is out and many are talking about “deHaze”, “Adobe Stock” and other stuff. For me the speed up for the healing brush by the graphic engine is more interesting – check out the Adobe CC blog post

EIZO announces an interesting 27″ colour management monitor with 1440p – the EIZO ColorEdge CS270

If you are still using a film camera and you like to have metadata into your scan-files – check out “META35” which costs 149$ from the Meta35 Shop (Canon, Nikon, Minolta)

Now it’s official, the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1P “phone cam” will be shipped later this year. As you can see on B&H Photo it’s price is 999$

Julia Margaret Cameron one of the most important photographers of the 19th century would be 200 this year. To celebrate this the Victoria and Albert Museum in London will have a great exhibition from November


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