Mellanfjärden – An old Swedish Fisher-Villag


Mellanfjärden, a charming Swedish fisher-village

If you like hiking and photography like I do, than I have a tip for you.
This works also for sailors who wants to cruise along the Swedish coast of the Baltic Sea/Gulf of Bothnia.


Mellanfjärden, a charming Swedish fisher-village

The village is called Mellanfjärden and is located in the northern part of  Helsingland. It is an old fisher village with all the old houses left. There are still people doing that job, but the most of the houses are used for just living. Of course every house at the harbor has a boat inside of the old houses (the “boat-garage” is a part of the house).


Mellanfjärden, a charming Swedish fisher-village

In the village you have everything you need for a trip/vacation.
There are two small hotels, a shop, camping, restaurants and of course a guest harbor.


Mellanfjärden, a charming Swedish fisher-village

If you are staying for some days you can do a lot like hiking or cycling (Kustleden), swimming or just laying at the beach. Or why not visiting the towns around Mellanfjärden like Bergsjö, Hudiksvall or Sundsvall if you’re coming by car/bike, or some of the other small villages along the coast (Kustvägen).
Or you just enjoy the summer evenings at the harbor or in the fish restaurant at the harbor.


Mellanfjärden, a charming Swedish fisher-village

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