Photo-News 25

From the ZEISS blog: From “Carl Zeiss” to “ZEISS” – a brief story about our brand communication

New Cyber-shot from Sony – with a “big” sensor

The nice iPhone-App “645 Pro” is now “645 PRO MK II” which gives you even more DSLR like control

Richard Hernandez shows you his world with Google-Glass on Instagram

81. Deutsche Fotomeisterschaft (Bundesfotoschau) inkl. Fotoausstellung bis 25. August in St.Wendel/Saar

Kartenvorverkauf für das GDT Naturfestival in Lünen hat begonnen

Photoshop CC – Spot Removal-Visualize Spot

In this video tutorial I show you one of my favorite functions of the new Photoshop CC.

Now you can use Camera-RAW as a filter / Smart-Filter.
This is very helpfull if you forgot something in RAW or Lightroom, or if you get an image from a friend that you want to work on and you want to use some of the RAW functions. Continue reading

Photo-News 24

From CNET Australia: How to photograph the supermoon

From COSINA Japan (via google translate): The new Voigtlander Nokton 42.5mm/f0.95 for FourThirds is similar to a 85mm/f1.9

Extend the functionality of the Adobe Camera Raw with MetaRAW – currently Windows only

Manfrotto has a new “mini tripod” – The Manfrotto PIXI

CAMERA WORK rocks – 08.06.–17.08.2013 in Berlin

Photography Festival in Lünen 25th – 27th October 2013 – International Nature Photography Festival of the GDT 2013