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Adobe Creative CloudHi folks,

Here I want to give you my points about the Creative Cloud (only Photoshop) and what it means to me.
At first I have to say that I’m not a Pro-Photographer, it’s just a hobby and a little bit of extra earning for me.

I’m working with Photoshop since PS7 – the last version before PS was called CS. Right now I’m working with Photoshop CS6 and I had all of the CS versions. Since CS5 I have the extended version, because I was interested in the 3D stuff and what it can do for photographers. I’m not going 3D, but I use some of the functions for my photography workflow.
For the update of the extended version I have to pay something around 4300 SEK (normal version 2200 SEK). Because I bought every single version of Photoshop I payed that every 18’th month – now I’m going Creative Cloud.

I can understand that this way of Adobe is a shock for some people, there is no way anymore to went over one or two versions. And I told som people in the past that there is no need to have every single version – if you have CS2 or CS3 than you can wait for CS5 – that’s over.
Some other people told me that Photoshop is way to expensive for them, yes of course a full version is expensive – but do you really need the big Photoshop ? After Adobe shipped Lightroom 2 I showed a lot of people, that didn’t have that amount of money, how to work with Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. And today with the newest Lightroom and the newest Photoshop Elements it’s way easier to go that way instead of the bis Photoshop – Lightroom is great for “normal” photo work, if you need a little bit extra go for Photoshop Elements. And with Photoshop Elements you spent less and you still have your own version on your hard drive.

So why is the Creative Cloud good for me:
I’m working on both Windows and Mac OS. My big machine has the Windows OS, but my laptop is a MacBook Pro (because of the metal casing + the air holes in the back instead of the bottom). Untill CS5 it was possible to by a little bit extra to have one version of Photoshop for Windows and one for the Mac OS. With CS6 I only got the version for Windows. On my MacBook I worked with Photoshop Elements.

Now with the Creative Cloud I’m again able to work with CS6 on both Windows and Mac ūüôā
And the price … it’s good to me. For the next year I only pay 10 bugs a month, after that it might be 20 bugs (or something similar to the Swedish crown).

Of cause there are some negative points with this model (you can find all of them all over the internet), but there are also some very good points.

  • I am paying every month a little bit instead of every 18’th month a big amount
  • 18×228,78 = 4118 SEK (very close to my updates for CE5ext and CS6ext)
  • 20GB of cloud storage included (it’s easy for me to work with the same file on both my laptop and my desktop)
  • I have all of the updates immediately
  • I like to have my software somewhere in the internet – I’m not a DVD kind of a person

If you don’t have that amount of money, what I can understand, Photoshop is not your program, either in the Creative Cloud or as a DVD version.
No problem to use just Lightroom – I’m doing a lot of work only in Lightroom. And there are some plug-ins that you can use directly from Lightroom (Topaz, onOne Software, NIK Software). If you need a little bit of the Photoshop world, go with Photoshop Elements and/or one/some of the plug-ins above.

I love the Creative Cloud, it’s the right way for me.
I showed you some points why it is the right for me. If there are no points for you, than I showed you some other solutions instead of Photoshop-CC. And I can show you a lot of cool stuff you can do with only a RAW converter and one of the plug-ins from above (or jpeg directly from your cam + a plug-in) ūüėČ

Stay cool and creative !


3 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. Martin your point are understandble and i agree with most but Adobe price politics i do not like. 20 dollars in the US but 25 euro in europe. Why are we paying more here for the same piece of software? They can’t say its cause the translation costs cause i could use the software in german or english, it really doesnt bother me. The same thing is happening in Australia and the CEO didnt even want to answer the question a journalist asked him about the price politics at Adobe. 15 euro i would understand and even as an Amateur photographer i love having photoshop and not elements.

    • Yes Sean, the pricing for the different countries are strange. For me in Sweden it is very close to the dollar. From a friend in Australia I know for other technical stuff it has something to do with their taxes.
      Yeah it’s still a problem with all the different currencies which are going up and down …

      • Well then i wish i could buy it in the states. 386.47 dollars a year in europe and 240 in the states is a huge difference though. I know we have 19% taxes in germany but that would only be 285,60 dollars a year which is like 221 euro and not 300 which is like 18.43 a month. Trust me i really want the software but this outrageous and its not just making me mad on the pricing but many others aswell all over the internet.

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