Try Windows 8 touch on your iPad

A few days ago I posted on TWITTER: ” love my W8 on the iPad ūüôā

And here is the story behind it:

Because I have both Windows and Mac computers to watch videos at home and getting my work done, I want to control my computers with my iPad from the couch or from one or the other computer. For this reason I use a product called “Splashtop” for a while. Splashtop works with a lot of different platforms and devices. Without having a lot of monitors when you are working with two different computers, you can remotely control the other one with this software. Or you can control your computer from a mobile device – I also use it over the internet. For this you need the Splashtop client on the one side and the Splashtop Streamer on the other.

My Windows machine has Windows 8 on it.
Because I’m not willing to buy a Surface RT or Surface Pro tablet without trying it to death, I looked for another solution before I spend the money. On the Splashtop homepage I found a Windows8 app developer solution and I tried it.

I can say I love this app on my iPad to try all the functions of Windows 8 tablet (the Metro UI) and it works very good and stable.
I have my Windows 8 machine connected to the network and can use the tablet functionality by using my iPad. Now I can try Windows 8 on a tablet over time before I make the decision of buying a Windows Surface or one of the other Windows tablets like an ASUS or such.

If you are thinking of buying a Windows tablet or touch computer with Windows 8, you are unsure if this is the right way for you, you have an iPad and a computer that is able to run Windows 8 (directly or in a virtual machine) – try it the way I do ūüėČ
This App is now available for Android as well !

Have fun !